All you need to know about your night dreams.

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Can a man control dreams?

The desire to control everything a man can is in the nature of a human character, especially if it is something unknown and new. It includes even such a mysterious and magical area as dreams in our sleep. Thus, a man asks the question whether he/she can channel dreams like he/she wants from ancient times.

The dreams a person can control are called lucid ones. In 1970s, there was a special service in the USA which helped to make it possible. A man could phone it at any time of day and night and tell about his/her dream. Specially trained members of this service listened to this person, analyzed the dream and gave a full interpretation of it. If it was unfavorable, they said what a person should have been careful of.

The interest in the sphere of dreams was increasing year by year. Many scientists began to work on it. Dreams were opened from a new, scientific point of view. Professors at respectful universities and institutes were giving seminars on it for the people who wanted to be able to decipher and control their dreams. At that time, tons of specialized literature were published; new associations were created every day.

Nowadays, there is still no such equipment which could determine whether a man realizes that he/she is sleeping now or help a man to “be awake” in his/her dreams (except the glasses created by Stephen LaBerge, a psychophysiologist at Stanford University, which are to help to control our dreams. How do they work? They react to a sleeping man’s eye movements and make him/her be fully aware of his/her dreaming without wakening a man up. They cost $195). But there are many people (they are called “oneironauts”) who claim that they really can subordinate their dreams. It is not an inborn ability; a man should practice a lot to master it. Due to their diligence, now they can do whatever they wish in their dreams: they can fly, meet with the people from the world beyond, travel around the planet, etc. Also, such a skill can help you to get rid of nightmares. When you are feeling that the danger is coming in your dream, you can change it thinking about pleasant stuff instead.

What should a man do to control a dream in a sleep? Today, a set of essential steps, how to learn to manage it, has been developed.

A key to success in learning to control your dreams is the ability to realize in your dream that you are sleeping and everything that is happening around is just a dream. To make it, is much harder than you can imagine. It takes weeks or months of practice to become successful in it, as oneironauts affirm.

What does a man need for it?

You can start writing down particular elements of your dreams which point to their fabulousness. It is important to update this list every night and read it regularly. You will see that filling it up won’t take long because, as the experts say, there is a stable limited set of these elements in our dreams.

To realize in your sleep that you are sleeping, you can also try to fly up. Probably, you will easily cope with this in your dream. Or you can read some text, advisably twice. It is the fact that when you read it for the second time, the text will be different. There is a pattern that letters and numbers almost always are confused in our dreams.

It also can be problematic to remain in some dream. There are moments when everything is floating and seems indistinct to you, as if you are losing the connection with the reality in your dream (even though it sounds a little paradoxical). Then you should try to focus your attention at some object or person, take it as a landmark and return to it every time you feel that you need it. Don’t change your landmark not to be confused.

To make up your mind to see a dream of a particular theme, you can try a method of autosuggestion. Think what you would like to dream about this night during the whole day. Even unvaried phrases may be enough. They can be a sort of hypnosis for you. They say that there are good chances that you will draw the images you want into your dream in such a way.

Also, it is crucial to dream when you are already in bed, right before you fall asleep. Think about something pleasant and let yourself go to sleep with these thoughts.

Another significant factor that trains our memory and helps us to control our dreams is writing them down. Every morning find a few minutes to do it (it is necessary to do it right after you have woken up because later you can forget it). Even if it seems that you do not remember it at all, try to start from the details you can remember. At first, you may recollect tiny, insignificant things; later – the episodes and dreams in the whole. Noting them down will let you find common features in them; you will know how this or that dream usually ends, thus you will be able to prevent an unwanted ending.

The scientists from Grant MacEwan University in Canada suggest that the people who are used to play video games, especially right before going to bed, are more likely to be able to control their dreams. Both human dreams and video games represent alternative reality. If a man takes to video games like a duck to water, he/she must be as good in controlling their dreams.

Don’t limn on water. To master a technique of controlling your dreams, you should practice the exercises mentioned above every day. The principle is the same as with all other types of activities – whether physical or intellectual: if you do it regularly, the result will come sooner.

You should not be upset if a dream is not advancing in the way you want from the very beginning; or if you can control not all dreams you have; or if your control over a dream is partial. Even the most experienced oneironauts have such problems. How to eliminate them is still unknown. Maybe, you will answer this question in the future.