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Sleep deprivation problem

A sleep deprivation is the same as a sleep loss – when a person does not get enough night sleep due to some reasons. There are two main ones:

You even cannot imagine a full specter of negative consequences which follow your decision to sacrifice a couple of hours of a night sleep. It is fraught with a range of diseases, feeling ill, worsening of social and domestic relationships, early aging, a constant depressing state of mind, obesity, etc. It is not surprising that a sleep deprivation has been used as a means of tortures.

Why is a sleep deprivation so dangerous for human’s health?

The studies have shown that a man who sleeps less than 5 hours per night is exposed to a mortality risk by 15%. Consequently, it comes out that a sound sleep at night affects longevity.

It may seem to be not a big deal to stay awake all night long or sleep less than you have got used to. At first. I swear black and blue that after several times of such a routine, you will necessarily change your mind because overfatigue, feeling a slight malady, hazy thoughts and constant sleepiness will take over you.

Moreover, oversleeping is dangerous to the same extent as a sleep deprivation. It has the same influence on a man’s organism.

It is interesting to know that a sleep deprivation is a paradoxical phenomenon. It can both cause and treat depression.

Everybody knows that a person who has sleep problems soon becomes easily irritated; he/she gets upset because of trifles (it is because his/her world perception becomes distorted; brain’s exhaustion is the reason why it is difficult to solve even elementary problems); a person’s mood gets worse and worse every day; being in such a state, he/she can easily break up the relationships with the colleagues, friends, relatives, etc.; a productivity level is dropping that may lead to losing a job and financial hardship. Such a poor thing has a right to be depressed!

However, Walter Schulte discovered in 1966 that some people’s organisms react positively to a sleep deprivation. Regardless of the fact that they sleep less than they should (for an adult, the norm is 7-8 hours), they feel good: they are in high spirits, full of energy, their concentration ability and reasonableness are alright. Since then, a sleep deprivation is used for a depression treatment in some cases.

What is recommended to do to sleep well at night?

Remember that if you have a constant loss of sleep, it is a red flag which must push you to take decisive measures. Do not let everything run itself in this case - the price for your negligence can be too high.