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Why do we need to sleep?

Sleep is a complex physiological process which is characterized by decreased perception of external environment factors and a significant change in chemical and physical reactions of a human organism which are essential for its normal functioning due to the adaptation to the illumination intensity by a human.

To maintain our health and well-being on a decent level, a person must adhere to the main rules of effective and qualitative sleep because more than you can imagine depends on it. It is as important as food, water and air not only for human beings, but for animals as well. Its underestimating can make you pay a high price.

This process is so versatile and its contribution to a proper functioning of our organism is so huge that it is impossible to single out a sleep function that is the most important.

So, what is all the fuss about?

The most widely known reason why a man needs to sleep is that our organism needs some time to rest. It must compensate the amount of energy it has lost during a wakeful state. The principle is the same as with charging a cell-phone or a notebook – sufficient nocturnal sleep is our battery. At that time, an organism’s energy efficiency is increasing. Young organisms have deeper and longer sleep because they have larger energy expenditures during a period of wakefulness.

However, some people who suffer from some sleep disorders can have this function inactive. It refers to narcoleptics in particular. They never feel refreshed and rested in the morning; if they do, this feeling does not last more than a couple of hours. Mostly, they are drowsy and overfatigued. This disease influence on their lives running, success and achievements greatly.

The process of sleeping strengthens our immune system. There have been conducted a lot of investigations which prove that a good night sleep can prevent catching infectious diseases. Also, if a man has been vaccinated lately but is deprived of sleep even for a relatively short period of time, the vaccine’s efficiency will probably be decreased.

Sleep is irreplaceable in our organism’s restoring processes. During this phase of a human’s life activity, the supply of protein and ribonucleic acid (RNA) is enlarging. Sleep keeps muscle growth and provides an organism with proper tissue repair.

Sleep also promotes metabolism that is why there can be drastic changes in a man’s weight if he/she has some sleep disorders. If a man is deprived of a sufficient night sleep for some reasons, there are chances that he/she may put on excess kilograms because of the change of a hormonal set which is responsible for appetite. Extra calories are turned not into muscle mass, but into adipose tissue. Also, a man who does not sleep enough is more likely to get diabetes.

Obviously, we can affirm that sleep has an influence on the longevity of all living creatures that can experience it.

Everything mentioned above explains why a man needs to sleep well from a physiological point of view. You should know that sleep influences strongly our state of mind as well.

A belief that while sleeping a man’s whole organism is resting too is erroneous. It is a proved fact that the state of our brain at that time can be equaled to the one when we are awake. While we are resting, our brain is working hard analyzing all information we have got to know during a day and arranging it. It is one of the possible reasons why a man sees dreams. Our brain is occupied with the task what to leave in our memory and what is better to remove while we are sleeping in our comfortable and warm beds. This process is the one of converting our short-term memory into a long-term.

If a person is deprived of sleep for some time, he or she must have falsification of memory as well as suffer from memory lapses, visual deterioration, rambling speech and thoughts, movement coordination impairment, etc.

Keeping a schedule of sleep, a person can maintain a normal psychological and emotional state which also affects his/her longevity and health.