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Acrylic - Meaning of Dream

To be in the clothing made of acrylic means that you might risk losing attention from people around you and be lonely. But don’t worry, the time will pass and you will be in the center of attention again. It is better to think of own life and behavior while you are alone, and no one will influence your thoughts. It is time for self-analyses and estimation of life values.

In the dream you see yourself buying acrylic, it means that you will receive all possible enjoyment in life. Now it is a period in your life when you don’t need to be anxious because of serious problems. Your existence will be easy and stress-free, but there is the risk of becoming too frivolous and make short-sighted actions.

If you present an acrylic sweater to your partner, due to dream interpretation you will suffer in your relationships. Sorrows and troubles will follow you. The only way to get rid of such situation is to ask for support from your partner. Don’t think that feelings are lost forever, you still can be close as before, you just need to show your affection and wait.

For a housewife, to clean acrylic things in the dream, it means that in real life her partner is ready for a serious talk. But don’t worry, this will not necessarily be a breakup conversation, most likely he wants to talk about development of your relations with logical ending.