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Admiralty - Meaning of Dream

In your dream you visit admiralty, it means that in real life you don’t need to be worried because of unnecessary circumstances.

To see just a building of admiralty means that everything will turn out to be good, and you will be happy. If the building looks nice, you need to wait a bit till your plans come true. If it is broken, you will have to put a lot of efforts, before you reach your goal.

If you see a building of admiralty in fire – some serious distress will overtake you. If you don’t even assume what it can be, then it will pass you by and you will not notice any change in life.

To see this building being reconstructed or built means that you will solve your troubles very fast. No need to ask somebody for help, you will easily cope with your business alone.

Admiral in a dream is a symbol of honor and respect from others, possible acquaintance with military community, appraisal from the authorities. If in your dream you suddenly notice an admiral – you will be happy and cheerful.

This supreme naval position, or rather the rank is always held in high esteem, and therefore such dreams are always interpreted pompous and positively. However, this is not just a fad, but the practice of many dream books, as well as astrologers and esoteric interpretations.