Interpretation of a dream in which you saw «Aggression»

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Aggression - Meaning of Dream

To see an aggressive person and not prevent his/her actions means your unconscious fear for one of your folks. More likely you are afraid for your child. Maybe you regret for undone action, and now is the time to finish all deals.

In your dream you see aggression against you, it means that you are not confident in your safeness. You are afraid for somebody’s life and anticipate something bad.

To provoke aggression from somebody, means that you are tired from numerous problems. This is a warning of thoughtless actions.

Hidden aggression means that it’s difficult for a dreamer to manage his/her psychological pressure.

To be in surrounding of aggressive people is reflection of dreamer’s aggression, which he/she tries to suppress.

Aggression is a symbol of fear, anxiety, fatigue, and accumulation of a large number of problems, rashness and hasty conclusions. Many people dream of aggression very often. Excitement that occurs after waking from this dream is understandable and not without concern.

Aggression seen in a dream foretells not the most positive emotions and actions. Traditionally, it is best to prepare in advance to those troubles that may arise after seeing such a dream.