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Agraphia - Meaning of Dream

Agraphia is a loss of the ability to communicate through writing.

If you suffer agraphia in your dream, it is a sign that you need to visit a doctor, your health is under risk. However, if you manage to write a letter, such a dream has many various meanings.

Many girls often dream that their boyfriends write to them. The dream book interprets such dreams in different ways. Maybe you will receive some news from your beloved one, or will have a random unplanned meeting.

Such dream may be an indication that your ex is still thinking about his past love, and feels pity about the incident and looking for an excuse to come back.

If you write to your ex, it means that on a subconscious level, you seek for restoration of relations, or you can’t let go your past love. Thoughts and permanent memories in reality may cause such dreams.

Seeing such a dream, you must try to discard past feelings and seek for a new life, it is possible that new thrills will eclipse past disappointments and you will not cling to the former love.

If you dream that you write a wedding invitation and send it to your ex-boyfriend, this dream foretells a happy event. It is possible that the wedding will happen in reality, or you will meet a person with whom you can build a lasting relationship. Psychological dream book explains such dream as subconscious desire to spite your former love, and be happy despite his will. It is assumed that after learning about successes of his former woman, he'll be greatly upset and immediately want to go back, but it will be too late.

If you dream that you write a letter to your old friend who lives in another city, it means that you might meet very soon, or you will receive good news from her.