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Anteroom - Meaning of Dream

If you dream that you are in the anteroom, it means that you feel very uncomfortable and you lack of friendly support.

If you dream that your room has suddenly turned into an anteroom, it means that you should think about expanding of your living space, because your family will soon have an addition.

If you dream that you decide to rent an anteroom, it means that you feel uncomfortable at the work position which you have now, and you think that you deserve for more and you can do better.

In your dream you are engaged in cleaning of anteroom, it means that you need to devote less time to housework and set some duties to other family members.

To observe an antechamber in the dream portends a deception or disappointment. Take into consideration this dream as a warning. Be on the lookout.

You enter into a small nondescript office building and find yourself in the anteroom, which amazes you with its size, this dream means that you should not underestimate the circumstances, do not take them into account, your behavior can lead to unexpected complications.

You are invited to a ceremony, but it takes place in an anteroom, this dream means that you will be humbled and may lose your job. This dream can mean unexpected meeting.

You come to get a new highly paid work place, and you are asked to start cleaning the floor in the antechamber, this dream indicates excessive ambitions, because of which you will soon lose friends.

You sit nude in the middle of empty antechambers, this dream foretells sickness, unwell, renewal ailment, which was recently postponed.

You open the door of the administrative building, expect to see an antechamber, but you see a luxury apartment - you will become acquainted with influential people; if you are in a difficult position - refer to people with power, because a dream foretells successful solution of problems.