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Antiquity - Meaning of Dream

Everything which is connected with antiquity reflects person’s contact with past and archetypes which rooted in his/her subconsciousness. Perhaps, you have some unfinished matters in the past, and your mind is helping you to analyze it. If in real life you wink at these problems, it will not disappear. You need to gather your strength and try to get rid of it once and forever.

If you see architecture of antiquity, due to the dream interpreter it means that you desire to bring more diversity in your life. Don’t be upset if nobody supports you, if you concentrate on own wishes and plans of its fulfillment, you will be able to gain suitable results.

To wear antiquity clothes in a dream means that you will be prized with honors. Your efforts and actions will be accepted in society and people will support all your ideas.

If you see ruins of antiquity times, you will travel to a different country. Most often, this is a sign of business travel, where the outcome of the meeting will hardly depend on you, so there is no need for worries.

If in a dream you see half-destroyed antiquity amphitheater, this dream means that you will be invited for a big event, and you will have only good impressions about it. If you prepare in advance, you will make a good thing.