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Applaud - Meaning of Dream

If you dream as if you have committed some act, and people around you applaud, this dream means that your business will succeed and approved, you will work with enthusiasm and wish to gain more; those who are close to you will have a desire to assist your activities. You will meet confederates wherever you go; at this period of life loneliness does not threaten you.

If you dream that you are cheering and applauding someone, it means that in real life you will find yourself in a difficult situation. Because of that you have to resort to insincerity and even flattery, though it will be unpleasant for you. You will sort of walk over your interests. But after you see yourself in the image of a lickspittle, for some time you will be tortured by sense of guilt and doubt about expressed feelings in the past. You will recall the fact that you have betrayed someone, and will try to agree on a compromise. Pretending that nothing happens you will try to develop the relations, but it will not be successful.

If you dream that you applaud so much that you feel pain in your hands, you look at the palm of your hand and they are red, this dream foretells the upcoming physical activity; you will have to work in the next days tirelessly.

If you like the show and applaud, such a dream indicates your health and ability to reach success.