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Aster - Meaning of Dream

Aster is a symbol of simplicity, modesty and tenderness. These features are related to your character, and it helps you a lot in life.

In a dream you see asters, it signals that soon you will get appraisal from somebody with higher position or personal recognition from colleagues.

To see a lot of asters in a dream is a prognostic of promotion and respect from colleagues in real life.

Fading aster in a dream is an indication of your unrealized potential for self-development and self- improvement.

If you see blooming asters in a dream, it is a warning about inability to fulfill your hopes and somebody’s promises.

If you see a dark aster in blossom, you are warned about the disease of a close person. You need to support and help this person.

White aster is a symbol of a funeral.

In a dream you buy a bouquet of asters – in real life somebody will lie to you. Because of this lie, you will worry a lot in vain, because that person doesn’t influence your life at all.

A dream where you step on these flowers is a sign of successful finish of life test.

To pick up asters means that you will be happy with a modest and shy person. Your sexual relations are stable and constant, and this is your distinctive feature, but such relations may soon be boring for you.