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Badger - Meaning of Dream

According to modern dream book a badger brings success in business and luck. The one who saw a badger in a dream, in reality will experience improvement of health and there will be new sources of profit. But it will happen only in case you were favorably disposed towards a badger.

But once you hurt it in a dream, you may forget about luck in business, the fate will immediately turn away from you.

If a badger, which you saw in a dream, was wet and slippery, you will be faced with deception from your relatives or friends. At work, you can be defamed by colleagues, in order to remove you from a career path.

Badger in Miller's dream book is a symbol of wisdom. Whatever difficulties your fate prepares for you, it is easy for you to find an honorable way out in any situation. In addition, a badger, which you will see in a dream, will bring stability and longevity.

Badger in the dream book by Vanga has almost the same meaning. If you see a few badgers around you, it is a sign of material prosperity, which you can earn in a short period of time. Profits will appear from nowhere, if a badger in your dream was thick and his fur shone and sparkled in the sun.

If you play with a badger in a dream it is a very good sign. You will be able to show your creativity and create interesting projects.

Badger in a dream book by Freud is a sign of reconciliation with a beloved one and burst in sexual relations. If a badger ran away from you, then your idyll will not last for long, and eventually you will be separated. If a woman dreams of an attacking badger, it means that she will have an active lover.

For a man this dream promises new adventures and good reviews of his partners about his inexhaustible imagination.

To observe badger’s behavior in a dream, according to the dream interpreter, means that soon you will feel anguish and grief, not excluded that you will also face deception.

Don’t hope for a happy life – if you hunt a badger in a dream.

If you catch a badger, this dream means that you need to be more careful and alert in real life. The dream warns you about possibility to perform an action, which will cause you a number of unpleasant events and troubles.

If in a dream you turned into a badger – don’t be afraid. It means that soon you will start to arrange your house and you will spend all your energy on it.

If you hunt a badger in a dream – it will not cause you any pleasant events. The dream means that soon you will have troubles, which will take all your time and energy. It will cause a big disappointment in yourself and everything what’s happening around.

If you catch a badger – be careful and attentive. Soon you will attract troubles, because of your careless actions. Show circumspection and you will be able to avoid such situation.

If a badger attacks or bites you, it means that you have a good health, and will not have any problems with it for a long time.