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Balcony - Meaning of Dream

Balcony is a symbol of personal relationships, the internal state of a person, the success or failure in business. If you dream of a balcony, you will soon get some news about a person who is very dear to you.

If you see a balcony all covered with flowers, this dream foretells your professional success and joy in personal relationships.

If a woman dreams how a balcony falls down under her feet, it could mean an unwanted pregnancy.

If you see yourself standing on the balcony, you will be successful at work. If you dream of a neglected balcony in a bad condition – be ready for unexpected worsening of your state, both at work and in the family. Perhaps you will have a reduction of salary, the machinations of colleagues behind your back, and household chores.

If you see a balcony of your house from the outside, this dream foretells a promotion and respect of colleagues. If you dream of a stranger’s balcony, you are not satisfied with your personal relationships, and you might feel lonely. Also this dream warns you about minor troubles, which won’t be your fault.

If you dreamed about many balconies, most likely, the promise given to you, will not be executed. If you dream that you are standing on a balcony and have a fear of heights, in real life you are afraid of responsibility and you have a sense of the fragility.

If you jump out of the balcony, this dream indicates your overconfidence that does not bring you any good. If you climb over the railing of a balcony, it is a sign of a serious life test, which you will soon endure. If happened to climb on the balcony, it means that you can manage any difficulty.

If you climb off the balcony, be ready for the circumstances that you frighten you.

If you take leave of your lover for a long time on a balcony, this dream foretells a complete break up of your relationship.

Balcony also is a promotion at work, successful finish of work, income.

To see balcony in the dream means that you have sublime point of view, you see more than other people see. But also it can mean unpleasant news about already dead relatives or friends.

To see a destroyed balcony is a warning about problems or unpleasant events in your life.

If you see yourself standing very high on a balcony, it indicates your fear of responsibility, worries for instability of your state and affairs in life.

If a balcony doesn’t have a glass and is not very solid, it is a sign of danger. It gives you a hint that you need to be careful, your state is not very stable. In these days don’t take any sharp and thoughtless steps; otherwise your position will become extremely tenuous. As a rule in such dreams you can see the reason of your present state, which is encoded in different images of a dream, and the presence of balcony door will help you to find the way out of the situation.