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Bank - Meaning of Dream


Every dream for every person can mean completely different things. For some, the bank, means the loss of deposits, for others it is a psychological crisis; in any case, the place with collection of big money and power in the dream has completely different meaning in reality.

If your birthday is in September, October, November or December, and you see yourself in a bank, it means that you will really go there soon; but if you take out deposits, it means that you can lose all bank savings.

Those who celebrate birthday in May, June, July and August, and dream of a bank robbery or kidnapping they may soon lose own authority in society.

Dream book by Azar interprets bank, as a sign of unexpected loss or failure. No one knows when it will happen, but you should be always ready for any surprise of your fate.

According to Hasse dream book, bank, is a sign of calm and quiet life; if you deposit money in the bank, it means that you might be carried away by savings, and you shouldn’t let it happen.

Esoteric dream book interprets bank as following, possible loss of the money that was invested at interest.

Simon the Zealot says in his dream book, that if you deposit money, soon you will lose everything and will experience damage.

Dream interpretation of Medea says that if a person sees a bank in the dream, it is a symbol of storage of own personal experiences and memories that are dear to the dreamer. Bankruptcy in a dream means a depletion of vital resources and energy.

If you work in a bank, it is a personal progress in life, for example, promotion or career growth. But being a bank customer, means that you will be aware of previous mistakes and cautious in various kinds of affairs. A conversation with a banker or any transactions with them, means that you need to beware of speculators.

If you dream of a bank branch, be ready for financial difficulties and family quarrels.

To see a lot of gold and silver in the bank means that you will gain respect of colleagues at work, and recognition in the society.

If you were offered a job in a bank and you agreed, then be ready for promotion and material prosperity.

We can say that bank is a very controversial symbol, in the interpretation of which it is worth paying attention to details.

Dreams are not just given to us in vain, it's like warnings and life lessons. However, dreams are far from being the source, which you should believe at 100%, you just need to be able to interpret it correctly, considering every detail, because it can play a key role in the interpretation.

Bank in a dream, it is not always something bad; a small detail can show that the meaning can be easily turned into something good. The only thing the dreamer has to do is to follow the advices and hints which are given through the dreams.

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