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Banker - Meaning of Dream

To see a banker in a dream means to swallow the bait of fraudsters. Try to be cautious but don’t worry, don’t show your circumspection, because they can easily use the moment.

In the dream you see how your relatives or friends communicate with a banker, this dream means that they are trapped in many troubles and need your help. You have to help them to understand what to do in life. Your task is to do everything for a person to start believing in his/her abilities.

If you talk to a banker – beware of different financial speculation, do not trust strangers.

To argue with a banker in a dream means that in real life you want to avoid unpleasant communication with somebody.

To be a banker in a dream means that you will need to show the maximum of responsibility on the way to solution of serious questions. Avoid people who are trying to use you.

If you fellowman is a banker in a dream, you can easily ask him for help in real life.

To see a banker who has troubles at work means that you have somebody who makes you feel uncomfortable. You don’t understand the reason of it, therefore you need to have a sincere talk with this person. For sure, the reason is not significant, but it still doesn’t let you communicate with ease.