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Barometer - Meaning of Dream

Barometer means situation, which you want to use in order to get profit. To see a barometer in the dream means that your life will positively change.

If a barometer is broken, it means that you see/understand the events wrong, and this can lead to inadequate reaction in upcoming events.

To read a barometer is a sign that you will be sure in your statements about people and circumstances.

To maintain any action with barometer, such as purchase, sell or present means that you will bustle without necessity and your actions will be ineffectual.

Don’t be upset if a barometer shows storm, it only means that all events will develop fast and can evoke your emotions. Try to control your emotions and everything will be good. If it shows “clear” – be ready that you easy life will soon finish.

To see a pressure chamber in a dream means that you are too stubborn in your principles, and your reluctance to compromise can lead you to conflicts.

In a dream you pump the pressure in the pressure chamber, it means that soon you will have troubles and difficulties at work, because of your character, stubbornness and desire to refuse everyone.

If you reduce pressure in a pressure chamber, it means that you will successfully avoid conflicts.

If you see a spaceman in a pressure chamber, being prepared for a flight into space, this dream warns you about possibility to be involved into fraudulent activity.