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Bartender - Meaning of Dream

To be served by a bartender in a dream is a sign that you need to beware of advises which other people give to you.

In a dream you observe bartender’s work, this dream warns you about possibility of losing your skills in the rush for unnecessary wishes.

If a bartender refused to serve you in a dream, it means that some event will make you feel ashamed for your actions. You might regret about something what you did in the past.

To see yourself being a bartender in luxurious bar means that you will successfully avoid all fate tricks and troubles with your competitors, and be able to reach your goal.

A dream, where a bartender is your partner, means that in the right moment you will notice the tricks of your competitors and be able to neutralize them.

For a man, to see a lady-bartender means that he needs to be more cautious and resist temptation, otherwise he will have problems in private life.

For a young lady, to see herself working as a bartender means that she will communicate with a man who wastes his life and behave giddily.

If a bartender drops a glass with your cocktail, for a man such dream means that soon he will have quarrels with mother-in-law or close relatives. For a woman, such a dream is a sign of a new admirer or a lover.

To see a professional bartender who juggles with glasses means that you deceive yourself with beauty, and not able to see disadvantages of pretty people.