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Baseball - Meaning of Dream

In the dream you see yourself as a coach of baseball team, this dream warns that you might forget about precaution, but anyways will reach success.

If you watch a baseball game on TV, it means that in real life you will soon be a witness of something you don’t want to see. This unpleasant situation will easily upset you.

If during a baseball game there is a fight, it means that you will have groundless worries about your life and affairs.

In a dream you lose in a baseball game, it is a symbol of futility in obviously disastrous venture. For a woman this dream means unsuccessful attempts to win man’s heart.

Dreaming of a baseball game means that you will receive news about big changes in life, which can be related to vacation or just business travels.

Baseball bat symbolizes a new idea connected to financial reorganization which can bring significant income. If you hit a ball with a bat, it means that you will resist any attack of your opponents, and will be able to improve business relationships.

If you bowl, and a ball rolls on the field, it means that you have to be careful with everything what you face on your life path. You will be able to reach your goal step by step, it depends on how good you throw a ball.