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Battery - Meaning of Dream

According to a dream interpreter, a battery means something bad. So be ready for difficulties, because you will need to try hard in order to change your present state and reach your goal.

If in a dream a battery has died, it means that some unpleasant events will happen to you soon. If it was a battery in your watch, it means that you will waste time for unprofitable business.

If you buy batteries in a dream – be sure that series of unpleasant events will soon finish. You will find the solution to the problems. If you buy a door bell battery, it means that your relatives will come and help you in difficult situation.

To change batteries in a dream is a sign that you will accept heinous nature of your helpmate at work. Anyways, you don’t have any other choice; if you misbehave your boss will fire you.

If you see a heating battery in a dream, it warns you about minor troubles in life.

If you are freezing in a dream because a radiator doesn’t work, it means that you lack of attention from your fellowman and friends.

Broken radiator in a dream means that soon you will be in the center of events, not necessarily good.

If you change a radiator, such a dream doesn’t have a good meaning. You will have problems in the nearest future.