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Beam - Meaning of Dream

A dreaming of a sunbeam is definitely a good sign, heralding a long life with interesting events and richness; moreover a dreamer will meet influential and active promoters. A sunbeam seen by a girl heralds the imminent marriage with a generous partner, who will provide with family care and attention.

If you dreamed of a beam passing through the clouds and fog, this is a signal of poverty and deprivation of some belongings.

If you dream of the specks of dust and other particles swirling in the beams of light, it bodes that you may experience anxiety, confusion, and worries that threaten with the loss of funds. Powerful spotlight in a dream says that small difficulties of life are not worth of your sadness; the obstacles are temporary. If a beam illuminated everything in your house, the dream advises to concentrate and think over own actions.

According to Miller, if a sunbeam in a dream made you wake up, it portends the good luck and prosperity which will accompany you for a long time.

If the beam selectively illuminated the objects, it foreshadows the dreamer’s phenomenal ideas and guesses.

If you dream of dew drops glittering in the sunbeams, this is a prediction of wealth and honor. A dreaming of a laser beam is a warning against reckless and thoughtless behavior.

If you observed a surgery performed with a laser beam, this dream reflects your non-independent and indecisive personality; you always rely on the assistance of friends and relatives.

In general, a sunbeam is a symbol of happiness, light and warmth. If you saw it in a dream, you may experience some positive changes.