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Beauty - Meaning of Dream

Any beautiful woman may appear in the dreams and fascinate men with her grace, elegance, and charm. If woman dreams of a beautiful lady, this dream tells that her husband belongs only to her, he loves only her and other ladies are not interesting for him.

If a beauty is seen by a man, this is a bad sign, portending problems with sexual function. In order to improve own health he needs to pause to think about healthy eating. Beautiful woman in a dream forebodes upcoming diseases. To avoid them - it's time to take think of a vitamin complex, and pass a general examination at a hospital. Old beautiful lady can be a bad sign of unexpected losses, and deprivations.

Black-haired beauty can cause many gossips in the life of a dreamer. If you dreamed of a young beauty with fair golden hair – you will receive only good and favorable news.

Charming woman in a dream may reflect the condition of the person at the moment. If she has a pleasant appearance, she is elegant, graceful, and neat, it tells that you are a happy, rich, and successful person. This beauty is your good luck that accompanies you throughout.

If you look over your shoulder on a beautiful lady, you can expect deception of friends in life. It is necessary to avoid provocative situations, and revise your contacts, close friends, colleagues and comrades.

If a woman dreams of a naked beauty, she will face sorrows and diseases; thus it is advisable to go to a resort area. Also, if a woman dreams of a charming young stranger who flirts with her, it bodes that a dreamer will have troubles in life. If a man dreams of such a girl, it tells that he will be tempted by someone, so it is better to stay away from temptresses - especially at work, and in financial affairs.

A beautiful woman in a dream can become a symbol of success in business and in love. However, she can also cause intrigues and conspiracies. If you had a dispute with a beauty, you will be cheated in life.

Gorgeous brunette with blue eyes and a little snub nose warns that a dreamer should stop fighting for something in life.

Pretty woman with brown eyes and a Roman aristocratic nose points at upcoming adventures in real life. Now you know what beauty means, so you have to be ready to meet a seductress in reality.