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Boarding / Grapple - Meaning of Dream

A dream where you see how one ship grapples with another means that you will spend your time in very pleasant company, with treats and drinks, however such entertainment can appear to be dangerous. And this event promises to be fun, active and vigorous. Perhaps even too rough, so beware of undesirable trouble which might be the consequences after all. You will still have to prove your innocence to your beloved one.

If you dream that you are among the passengers of the attacked ship and you were attacked by pirates, as it is usually seen in a movie, it means that you are guaranteed to have new sexual experiences, which makes no sense to resist - your resistance anyways will be useless.

If your vivid imagination in a dream sees a picture where a vessel comes closer to another, and people on it began to fight melee, it promises you some adventures in a new company, where you will be easily accepted, but where later will be very difficult to break out.

Boarding means that you will have to prove your rightness to a loved one for a long time. Everything depends on your behavior, if you want to avoid possible upcoming quarrels you need to wait a little with revelry, and show more of your care and respect to people who love you.