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Bouquet - Meaning of Dream

If you receive a bouquet in a dream, it forebodes you to find a real friend. A bouquet received as a present from a young man means that soon you will meet a true man.

If you hand in a bouquet of flowers to somebody, it means that your trust won’t be justified and hopes will not come true.

For a man, to present a bouquet in the dream means to have a mutual love.

If you receive a bouquet of flowers but it falls apart at once, it means that your relationship will not last for long.

In a dream you catch a bouquet, it signals about a meeting with a beloved one; if you throw a bouquet, it bodes the possibility of facing financial troubles.

If you see red flowers in a bouquet soon you will receive an offer, which will make you suffer.

White bouquet means big sorrow. Yellow bouquet is a symbol of separation.

If your bouquet faded, you will have problems absolutely in every sphere in life. Dried out bouquet is a sign of disease and troubles. If you throw such a bouquet, it means that you will escape from burdensome acquaintance.

To see a beautiful bouquet containing bright live flowers means that you have to be ready for a big heritage from a far relative.

A bouquet made of wildflowers symbolizes a sincere and guileless friend.

A bouquet of black primulas (flowers) on school desk means that your child or somebody else’s child will not pass exams.

A bouquet of daisies means sorrow; a bouquet of poppies foretells unstable condition.

A bouquet with a lush bow foretells you a generous, refined and rich lover.