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Bower - Meaning of Dream

Bower in a dream is a sign of peacefulness, stability and happiness in real life. The image of a bower represents pleasant emotions and happy pastime.

To sit inside a bower, means that you will overcome all obstacles on your life path and will reach happiness and wellbeing. This is related both to financial sphere and family relations.

If you sit in a bower with your soul mate – you will live long and happily together with your partner, who is faithful and loving. Perhaps, you already have such a person in your life, or maybe you need to look for him/her, but don’t worry – the search will not last for long.

To build a bower in your dream means that you will have a romantic evening.

To meet somebody in a bower, this dream means that people and events will not come up to your expectation.

To rest in a bower – you will have careless and bright future. The symbol of a bower is extremely positive, so no matter what you do in it, your dream foretells only good and pleasant events. Nevertheless, if you want to have a wider interpretation with more details, you have to recall the other images which you saw in a dream. The more you remember after awakening, the bigger will be the chance of a correct interpretation.