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Breast - Meaning of Dream

As with other parts of human body, breast may be seen in a dream by itself, and in various combinations, and actions.

Idiomatic dream book say that “fold to breast” foretells assistance, help, sympathy. Women’s dream book: white and full breasts mean good luck and happiness. Stained or desiccated breasts bodes strong disappointment in love, or betrayal. Wounds on the chest signal of trouble. For a girl to dream that a fan looks at her breasts bodes that persistent courtship of her fan will succeed.

Female breasts foreshadow happiness and purchase.

XXI century dream book: Nude female breast forebodes mutual love. Female breasts in bra mean anxiety. Beautiful girl’s breast is a sign of fulfillment of the dreams.

For a woman, to see nude male chest is a symbol of happiness. If a woman is dreaming of naked female breast, it means that she will understand her shortcomings.

If a girl sees man’s hairy chest, it portends wealthy and successful marriage. Man’s wide and strong chest is a happy and successful marriage, as well as success at work.

If a man is dreaming of a beautiful woman's breasts, he will have good luck and will manage to execute own secret desires. If a man is dreaming of ugly female breast – it is a sign of failure in affairs, and loneliness. Wound in the chest warns to be ready for love and change for the better.

French dream book: Breast of feeding mother is a sign of the wedding. Naked breasts of married woman portend successful delivery. Breasts of an elderly woman are a sign of upcoming wealth. If a woman is dreaming about bloody breasts, it portends the loss of a child, or her infertility.

Miller's dream book: Girl is dreaming of her wounded breast, it threatens her with a problem. For a girl, seeing dirty or shrunken breasts, it bodes rivals in love, betrayal, disappointment because of a loved one.

Love dream book: Girl (woman) dreams that her breasts are aged, it foretells the emergence of rivals, who will separate her from a loved one.

Italian dream book: Female breast is a positive image, a symbol of warmth, beauty, enjoyment, protection, femininity, motherhood.

Lunar dream book: Female breast - happiness, love, children.

Esoteric dream book: Men dreaming of female breast is subconscious search for maternal nature in their girls. Women dream of female breasts – the need to be sexy.

In the long list of possible dreams there are those that can be attributed to the composition of the erotic dreams, however, such dreams may be harbingers of some important events. Since breasts (especially for women) are a specific part of the body, the corresponding dream may relate to the category of erotic.

In general, this dream can be subdivided into positive and negative images.