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Broom - Meaning of Dream

If you sweep with a broom, it means that you might leave your present place of living and work.

If you see in a dream that a broom sweeps the floor by itself, in real life be ready for a lot of troubles. You should make every effort to manage the situation, which is getting out of control.

In a dream you use a broom in sauna, it means that you can afford a nice rest in real life.

A dream, where a broom breaks in your hands, means that you should not trust anyone.

A dream with a broom portends, for servants and maidens, abuse from their masters; for masters it means quarrel with everyone.

To sweep dirt out of the room, sometimes foretells a happy outcome and success in the enterprise, and sometimes the acquisition of wealth. To sweep up the litter on the street is a sign of amystery breach, and sometimes a sign of death of your relative.

If you sweep the floor with a broom in a cellar, basement, barn or shed, it portends failure in business.

If you see a birch broom, it is a herald of longevity.

Broom in a dream can mean a conflict with a selfish person.

If you sweep or shake a broom, you will have difficult and hard work.

If you splash water while sweeping, warns of guests from afar.

If somebody hands over a broom to you, it forebodes that you will be promoted.

If you ride or fly on a broom in a dream, it hints that you may have troubles.