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Bullock-cart - Meaning of Dream

Bullock-cart is a symbol of hard work, but it can also symbolize some close trip, living together or completion of business started. For people in love, bullock – cart is a good sign, because it portends loyalty. If two people go together in a bullock-cart, it is a reflection of your loyalty and friendship.

For the correct interpretation of a dream it is also necessary to know the color a cart. For example, red or green color indicates that in the near future you will find a real love.

Bullock-cart may also be a bad sign. You you see it moving without a person inside, it foretells a danger that will soon overtake you. In this case, it is necessary to be extremely cautious.

If someone drags a bullock-cart because it is broken, this dream foretells trouble or some disease.

If you dream of a cart harnessed with a mare, it is also not a good sign. It portends hard work, which will not be priced.

If you repair a bullock-cart because you need to go somewhere, it means that you will have unexpected expenses.

In a dream you use a bullock-cart, this dream means that you are on your way to profit and success.

To see a bullock-cart loaded with goods means that you will have excellent income.

If in your dream you see a bullock-cart with grille on the sides, it means that soon you will be very rich.