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Butt - Meaning of Dream

Butt symbolizes that all the problems a person can always solve quite independently, without outside help. A dream itself is a signal that now is the opportune moment.

If a dreamer sees a butt, it portends upcoming big changes in the personal life. Most likely, you will meet someone, who will make you experience a lot of happy moments and minutes.

Experts agree that the interpretation of butt in a dreaming is always positive. This image is something like a four-leaf clover; if you see a butt, you will be lucky in all your endeavors. You just only have to take advantage of this fortune correctly and wisely.

If a person dreams of an animal butt, he/she will have pleasant surprises in terms of replenishment of the budget. Perhaps it will be the rise of salary, or additional earnings in large size.

If you were kicked in the arse, it tells that you will be extremely happy. Thus if you can control own dreams, try to do everything possible to make your opponent perform such a desperate step. It can bring you great benefits.

But a dream about own uncovered butt, portends shame and disgrace in real life.

If you dream of a butt completely covered with scrapes and scratches, this dream portends financial disappointment and ruin. But if you show a bare butt to your envious and enemies, it tells that in life you will worthy rebuff your detractors.