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Chase - Meaning of Dream


Seeing in your dream that you’re chasing someone or vice versa stands for close attention to your personality. Different people can show interest in you. That’s why you’d better beware suspicious and odd ones. There are several interpretations of chasing someone.

If you’re chasing someone in your dream, it denotes that you wish to channel this person. Apparently, you aren’t indifferent to him/her; you concern about his/her future. You should bear in mind that this person may not be in need for your advice. Don’t be obtrusive. In the long run, it is his/her personal decision whether to accept your help or not.

Such a dream may also designate that you’ve realized your mistake, and you long to correct it as soon as possible. Perhaps, you’re chasing someone to whom you want to apologize. You want this person to understand you and forgive you. Admitting your own mistakes is an invaluable feature.

A dream in which you’re chasing someone may also characterize you as a selfish and greedy person. Obviously, you plan to build your life out of someone else’s achievements. Remember that even if you manage to do it, your frauds will be revealed, your shameless actions will be turned into a slur on your reputation. You won’t get any satisfaction from your deed, and eventually you will stay with nothing. To get something, you always must rely only on yourself. You are to go down your own way of failures and success. Then, there won’t be a reason to be conscience-stricken, and you’ll sleep well at night.

If you haven’t managed to chase anyone, it represents that there will appear grounds for disappointment and anger. Try not to yield to emotions. As a rule, they drive us insane. If you really want to influence the situation, only reasonableness and coolness will help you with this.

If you’ve managed to break away from a person who was chasing you, it implies that you’ll prevent a dangerous situation very soon. It can concern your welfare, successful business running and even health and life. Beware of potentially insecure situations; don’t sign an important agreement ‘til you aren’t confident in your partners’ reliability for 100 per cent; consult a doctor if something disturbs you, don’t lay this visit on a shelf. If you are careful enough, you won’t fall on evil days.

Seeing a dream in which a chase has just begun and you’re trying to hide yourself from a pursuer, is a sign that there are a lot of trials ahead. Don’t lose your heart. If you resist them, you’ll outdo them. Despite all difficulties, you’ll gain what you want and become very successful.