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Client - Meaning of Dream

If you are a client of a reputable company in a dream, you should get ready for a demanding job, the performance of which will require the best efforts, but eventually you will not get the complete satisfaction. It happens that you dream of being a client of a law firm, this dream states that you will be able to achieve popularity with the opposite sex.

If you make a list of clients/customers in a dream, it tells that your affairs won’t be very profitable and as the result you will have to take out a loan to solve your problems. If you are a client in a prestigious bank, it states that close people will be disappointed with you because you won’t pay enough importance to their problems.

Unhappy and disgruntled client in a dream portends the loss of the chance to change your life in the way you want it. However, if the client is happy, and his/her requests were satisfied, this is a favorable dream foretelling good fortune. The help and support is likely to be provided.

There are a lot of other interpretations of these dreams. For example, if a person sees himself as a client a large company, it forebodes a serious task that will appear in the near future. To perform a task a dreamer will have to make enough efforts. If in a dream a client visited your office and you made everything possible to serve him/her in the best possible way, the dream portends the successful completion of your business.

It happens that you see a dream in which you actively help customers to solve their problems, showing diligence and care. If your efforts were not in vain, and you were able to sell a product to a client, this dream heralds a lot of anxiety and difficulties. However, it doesn’t threaten the well-being in your house with serious danger.

If you dream as if you break the contract with your partner because of poor attitude to customers - this is a harbinger that all difficulties will be resolved without your intervention, as you originally wanted.

Everyone can dream of a client. By and large, these dreams do not pose anything dangerous.