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Date - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of any date, it means that soon some important event will take place (birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc.) and you will take part in this event, and perhaps even become the culprit of the celebration.

If you happen to choose the date for an important event but other people don’t agree with you, in reality you have to substantially revise own plans.

If you look through the calendar (diary, list of holidays, celebrations, etc.), it foretells that soon you will be invited to visit old friends.

Dreaming of own date of death (or someone else’s), it portends many troubles ahead, which you will have to solve before death.

People also believe that a certain date is a sign of some long-awaited event which will happen at this day, as the date is a kind of a pointer.

If you dream of good slump number, it means that your old age is not far off. It is believed that the date in the dream becomes a pointer that directs a person to time or event.

If you dreamed of a date, it is always a clue and in you want to avoid complications in real life you need to interpret it with caution. Remembering the details of a dream is the best way to interpret it correctly. Loss of one or another detail may cause in misinterpretation, which can make it simply useless.