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Defilement - Meaning of Dream

In order to correctly interpret dreams, you need to remember them well. Loss of one or another detail may lead to misinterpretation, which will simply make the interpretation useless.

First and foremost, it should be noted that a virgin always symbolizes something clean and bright. If an elderly woman sees a virgin in her dream, it means success in business, and career. Despite her age, she will be able to take a high position in the society and will be respected.

If a young girl dreamed of defilement (loss of virginity), it does not mean that this will happen soon in real life. This dream suggests that the lady will be unassailable, be able to preserve her honor and dignity, and most importantly - prudence.

If a young girl dreamed of defilement, but in real life she is still a virgin, this means that she will move to a new stage of her life. Everyone will continually try to offend her, but she will not allow any insults and will not lose her honor. All this time she will be accompanied by a very strong willpower.

As it turned out, the loss of virginity is not always symbolizes good; despite the fact that the girl is pure and untouched before. Often such a dream can be seen by a young lady because her brain is full of sexual fantasies. This dream should not even be interpreted, as the information is unlikely to be true.