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Demon - Meaning of Dream

In any dream book the interpretation of a demon is a sign of wrong way, misdirected life path, mistakes and misconduct, sinfulness.

Small demons symbolize consequences of your actions, which you have done yielding momentary impulse.

If demons escape from your body, it means that you can’t control your negative emotions. If they go inside you, it means that you accumulate irritation. If demons run over you, this dream means that you are under influence of baser instincts, which control you.

If demons hide in the corners – your relatives will be trapped in misunderstanding and conflicts. They refuse your help and stay alone with their demons.

In a dream you catch and hide demons – in real life you indulge rudiments of defects.

If you talk to a demon in a dream, this dream means that somebody will try to mislead you. If you bow to a devil – you will have one more manager. If you wash a demon, this dream is a sign of violent death.

To dance with a demon means that you will be able to control somebody. To feed a demon means that your life will be in danger.

If a demon tortures you, it means that you will have success in affairs.

If you defeat your demons, this dream means that you will be famous. If at the same time you are sick – perhaps you might die.

If you agree with a demon – you will purchase something. Such a dream for sportsmen means that they can lose all their achievements.

If you get rid of demons – your life will be changed strongly.