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Dessert - Meaning of Dream

Dessert in the modern dream book is a good omen, prophesying peace and harmony in family life. If in a dream you saw lots of sweets, it means that you are tired of happiness in life. For a girl, a dream in which she is happy to cook a delicious dessert, foretells that in the near future she will have a date with her beloved man. In addition, such a dream could spell another joyous event - a happy marriage.

If you treat your guests with a dessert, it looks like you flatter with some very influential and wealthy man, trying to get in good with him.

If you ate spoiled dessert, be ready for troubles relating to your private life.

If you sit at the table and want to try exquisite dessert, but you can’t do that because of full stomach, in reality you feel oppressed because you can’t spend even one day for yourself.

Delicious dessert in Miller’s dream is considered to be a very auspicious omen. It promises that soon your family will experience peace and harmony. If you enjoy the taste of very sweet dessert, you should refuse the invitation on a party, which you will get in the next couple of days.

If you bought sweets for dessert, in reality you are lulled into complacency: it seems that you have almost reached the desired goal, but it is actually impossible. If you cooked dessert and treat friends without even tasting it, this dream foretells that in order to implement your cherished dream you will use sophisticated methods and to your astonishment it will work out.