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Diver - Meaning of Dream

Diver in a modern dream book is interpreted as unusual journey that is difficult to imagine. It can be both an exotic trip and forced business trip, and it is very likely to be spontaneous. In any case, you would not expect such a turn of events. Also there is great opportunity to get fresh impressions of own recreation.

If you try on a diving suit, it foretells you unexpected turn of events, and new impressions in life. It is possible that you will experience something very extreme and exciting. Such experience will remain in your memory for long.

If someone of your friends tries on a diver's suit, it portends that you will witness some sudden decisions or stupid action of that person. If you just observe a diver suit, you may want to change own lives.

Miller in his dream book has the same interpretation of a diver as an exotic journey or anticipation of summer vacation, which would cause new emotions. In any case, this dream has more of a positive nature.

If you observe divers in a dream, this dream means that soon you will know some secret.

For a young woman, to see a diver in a dream portends a secret love from a stranger.

If you are wearing a diving suit, it bodes promotion.

To dive on the seabed in a diving suit is a sign that it will be very difficult for you to achieve a high position. A dream warns you: beware of your colleagues.