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Dizziness - Meaning of Dream

If you have a dream in which you feel very strong dizziness, it tells that you are in love, moreover this feeling is very deep and it will not be easy to get rid of, even if making ​​a huge effort, you will love this person for a long time. But in order not to suffer from uncertainty, it is better to reveal own feelings to the object of your adoration, maybe she/he feels the same. And if not, then you will steadfastly continue to survive defeat or hope for reciprocity.

Dizziness may promise fast divorce, as the situation in the family will become unbearable because of a rival.

If dizziness occurs in a crowd of people, then s dreamer will not be able to rebuff enemy and will lose in a battle, therefore he/she needs to be fully prepared to put up a good show.

Most often dream about dizziness foretells that soon you will need to solve problems related to the family. Perhaps there will be a scandal at home, so you should delete the reasons for which it can occur.

Also, this dream promises the failure in affairs; most likely a partner will break the contract or change its conditions which you will have to agree with, because there is no other alternative.

If dizziness is replaced by black spots in your eyes, in foreseeable future marital happiness will be replaced with tyranny and abuse from a partner. Perhaps a dreamer will think about divorce, but will change his/her mind, since there will be a good reason to keep this marriage.

It happens that this character can be deciphered as a punishment that will fall upon a person for his arrogance. Also this dream warns that a dreamer should not stick out with own achievements, especially with future plans, which are not destined to come true.