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Drop - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a drop of any liquid, it promises you move or change of job. If you hear the monotonic dripping, this dream foretells upcoming news. Loud dripping is a sign of anxiety and alarm. In rare cases, this dream predicts sudden enrichment. Soft sounds of drops captivating you in a dream are the harbinger of inner peace: the feeling of anxieties and excitement will be replaced by happiness and serenity.

If a drop fell on you in a dream, it can predict an unexpected message or a slight discomfort. If the dirty drops of some liquid spoiled your clothes, this dream portends a shameful humiliation and unfulfilled desires. If you were fascinated with drops of morning dew that sparkle with diamonds shine, in reality you will find happiness, good luck, successful implementation of plans and dreams. If you dream of slow dripping, it symbolizes continuous but slow progress of your business, a gradual increase in revenue. The harbingers of considerable wealth are drops of milk, cream and butter.

According to Miller if the drops fall from the sky, in reality a dreamer risks suffering fever. If you dream of the sparkling drops on the lush green grass, is a sign of recognition, abundance and luxury. For unmarried people, such a dream is a sign of rich wedding.