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Dwarf - Meaning of Dream

If a dwarf appeared in your dream, this is a good sign. The kindness of this image is boundless. It foretells an easy victory in a dispute over an opponent, love in the family, and respect at work. A dwarf also foretells excellent health, longevity, and eventful life. You will study hard, with a desire to pass on your knowledge and experience to others. Your curiosity will never let you stay at the same level; it will contribute to the continued expansion of horizons and increase of skill.

If you dreamed of evil ugly dwarfs, this dream symbolizes your enemies: the poor and the powerless.

A dream in which a dwarf utters the words is prophetic. It is necessary to remember everything he said, in order to avoid fatal mistakes and unintended consequences.

If a dwarf threatened you with danger, in reality you will have some troubles as well. If your close friends turned into dwarfs in a dream, it foretells their successful future. They will have easy life, fruitful activity, and fun entertainment till the old age.

In Miller’s dream book, a little man - a dwarf or a gnome, handsome, with proportionate physique, who appeared in your dream, foretells a productive life. You will create the conditions for self-development, and will realize own potential. You are destined to participate in interesting and profitable enterprises.