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Emerald - Meaning of Dream


Interpretation of the dream is evidence that unpleasant at first glance things can mean success in real life, and vice versa, sweet dreams can sometimes have unpleasant consequences.

For example, do you know what does the emerald mean? Downers say about controversial phenomenon of this dream.

First of all, emerald represents wealth, particularly through inheritance. But, secondly, some psychologists and interpreters of dreams suggest that there may be problems and worries about this inheritance. Yet, you should not worry too much about it, because, most likely, the matter won’t come further than simple human jealousy.

If you are currently experiencing love, and in a dream you see the emerald jewels on your beloved one, or in a dream, he/she gives you emeralds the dream means that your partner will prefer a richer opponent/rival.

If you dream that you buy emerald, in real life you can’t really expect a good deal, or your business, career, or work partner will try to deceive you.

Bad sign is a dream in which you find emerald. For married people such dream promises a breakup or betrayal, deception of each other.

For a young unmarried girl, to see or find an emerald in a dream, it promises disappointment and humiliation of her reputation.

If an emerald in your dream is small, crumbly, and not inside of the jewelry on a person, or see it in your hand, it means that you should be ready for some fun, perhaps interesting journey.

Also a present in the form of an emerald, which is carefully packed, and you unpack it, means success and fame, as well as discovery of the truth, and understanding of something that previously was a mystery. In your life there will be a place for a new knowledge and harmony in your environment and in internal state.

If you see an accessory with emerald in your dream, it means that you will be happy and joyful. Emeralds in the form of necklaces, portend trouble; in the form of a pair of earrings, it is present and disclosure of a secret; in the form of a ring, means that you will receive proposals to create a family; emeralds in a bracelet, is a secret love, trap and scandalous stories.

Supreme fortune awaits you, if you see a necklace of precious stones, such as, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds.

Emerald is the most pleasant gift that portends a blessing for all undertakings. While, jewelry with such stones has quite different meaning related to excesses in the intimate life.

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