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Emperor - Meaning of Dream

It doesn’t matter whether the dream caused bad or good emotions; in this case the actions of Emperor are more significant. Therefore if you dream of a native emperor, it portends the good luck in affairs, furthermore, it will be very huge, so keep yourself in the place.

Foreign Emperors are the sign of promotion and career advancement. Empress portends good luck in your endeavors; however, the conversation with her foretells failure. If you happen to attack the enemy, headed by the Emperor, it tells that you should hope for own success and good fortune. If the Emperor talks to you, it is reasonable to be prepared for unexpected events in life. If the Empress comes to rescue you in a dream, it bodes that your friends may provide you with a huge invaluable assistance. The Oath to the Emperor forebodes career advancement, and success in your undertakings.

The dream about the Emperor can have a lot of meanings. If an emperor invites you to his palace, it portends upcoming joy and good events.

None the less, if you are invited by Empress, you may soon face the disease. If you dream of Emperor Heir, it foreshadows good luck in business and unexpected happiness.

If you sit next to a ruler, it portends wealth. You may also dream of a meeting conducted by a ruler, this tells that you will have benefit in the upcoming events. If you dream of yourself being an emperor, you should pay attention to the realization of own desires. If the Emperor in your dream is a historical character, you must seriously think about your actions, before investing money.

This dream appears in the period of changes in life; much depends on this changes. There are also other interpretations: good luck in personal life, or acquaintance with a soul mate. This person can radically change the life to the good.

In general terms, the Emperor is bright enough and a good omen that heralds all the best.