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Enema - Meaning of Dream

For dreamers, born in the spring and summer months, an enema foretells a possible illness of their child. The dreamers born in December and in the autumn months will be able to get rid of obsessive thoughts after such a dream. Born in April, March and February, the dreamers see an enema as a sign of well-being.

If you dreamed as if you gave an enema to your own child, this dream promises optimism and positive mood. If you clysterized a person in an unconscious state, it tells that in reality you may find yourself in a stressful and a very unpleasant situation. For elderly people such a dream predicts notable changes in everyday life. For young girls, an enema heralds obstacles in search of a successful and wealthy husband.

If you just saw an enema in a dream, in reality you will become an opportune target for rumors and gossip. And, the larger was the enema, the more disrespectful and intrusive the people around will behave.

If you bought an enema at the pharmacy, it tells that it is time to pay more attention to own precious health; otherwise you will face serious illness.

If you dreamed as if you clysterized yourself alone, it indicates that you feel uncomfortable in the new society. If you observed someone else being clysterized, this is a good sign promising a positive emotional background and high spirits.

Well, now is the most important thing: if you saw a bad dream about an enema accompanied by negative emotions, such as fear or sadness, it is advisable not to retell the dream to anyone, even to the closest people, and then it will never come true.

In Miller’s dream book, if enema appears in your dream, it reflects the unhealthy interest of your close relatives in your intimate life. If you bought an enema in a dream, it signifies your concerns about own health. Be careful not to get carried away with excessive medical reference book, or else your quite commendable desire to improve your health will become a mania. If you were clysterized, it states that you feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar company. Enema given to someone else portends fun and entertainment.