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Envelope - Meaning of Dream

When interpreting a dream about an envelope you must pay attention to whether it was open or sealed. For example, if an envelope is sealed and a dreamer does not want to open it for some reason, it means that a person will get to know something, but it won’t cause any particular emotions.

But if a dreamer opened an envelope, then he/she needs to beware of lies from others. In case you seal an envelope on contrary it foretells the change for the better.

First of all you need to remember what day of the week you dreamed of the envelope, because the interpretation depends a lot on this factor. So if it was a night from Sunday to Monday, it tells that a dreamer is trying to ignore the things that he/she dislikes. When the envelope appears in dreams on the night of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, it indicates that a problem which creates obstacles on the way to the achievement of the objective will suddenly disappear and it will bring considerable joy.

And if a person sees an envelope at night on Saturday or Sunday, this is a warning that he/she may forget about an important event or fact.

Also, the interpretation may change depending on what a dreamer did with it. For example, if he/she wrote the address on Monday night, a dream is a warning not to commit rash acts. The same dream at night of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday – tells that soon you will need help and will ask a stranger to assist you.

If you write the address on the envelope on Saturday and Sunday, it indicates that you think whom to entrust the important task and not to miscalculate.

If in your dream you write a long letter, it tells that in real life you will blame someone jumping to conclusions without checking the facts. Therefore, if you had such a dream, it is best to double-check everything, otherwise you will regret about hurting someone’s feelings.

If you had a dream about the envelope, do not worry too much, because this symbol warns rather than states. Therefore, you just need to take a closer look to others and not to jump to conclusions.