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Envy - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you feel envy in respect to a beautiful woman, in real life you will have to endure a rival company, who will brazenly flirt with your loved one. It will be impossible to stop her, because a lot will depend on her, including money and well-being of your partner, so you'll have to endure this detestable situation.

If a woman is envious about her girlfriend’s jewelry, in reality, she will endure the betrayal of her lover. But she won’t break up, because too many things connect them together, so the relationship will last as it was before, but they will no longer trust each other.

When a man is tormented by envy, because his friend has a beautiful and smart wife, and at the same time his personal life is not good, in reality he will face with new challenges that will be solved by a third-party person. Moreover, he will have to pay off with family happiness, because his wife will fall in love with that person, and he will undertake everything possible to speed up the divorce.

The image of "envy" can’t be called negative, because mostly it is a harbinger of good outcome of cases, but there are exceptions, depending on the details which a dreamer has to recall.

If you see a stranger being envious, in reality you will get acquainted with a good man who would become your loyal friend, so do not reject new friends.

If in a dream you show jealousy of other people’s success, in fact, thanks to your helpful and friendly nature, you can win attention influential people who will become your friends and will help you in the implementation of plans.

When someone causes your envy, it is a harbinger that when celebrating something, you will go through unpleasant moments connected with friends, which will affect the future relations. Of course, you may avoid the celebration, but in this case it will be impossible to know the true intentions of your friends, and this knowledge will be very useful so you can make the right decision.

Reflecting on what envy means, you need to remember whether there were children in the dream. If they appear in your dreaming, it heralds good money that will earned in gambling.

If you feel envy in respect to your enemy, in reality you will easily achieve own goals, leaving your enemies far behind. If you are a victim of your friends envy, soon you will experience prosperity.

If you were told about your friend’s envy, on the contrary, in reality this friend is very loyal and ready to help him in all projects and endeavors, he needs only to ask.

Envy is a bad feeling, but in a dream it can portend good prospects, so it is better not to retell this dream to loved ones.