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Eve - Meaning of Dream

Seeing Eve in your dream is an unfavorable sign.

According to Miller’s book of dreams interpretations, if you have seen Eve in your dream (or Eve and Adam), it denotes that you won’t be satisfied with your life. The reality won’t coincide with your expectations. There are chances that your plans will be ruined. You will fall on evil days almost in every sphere of your life. Take your business under your personal control. There can be some obstacles with which only you can manage. Also, beware of suspicious and unreliable people. Maybe, they cherish an idea to make fortune out of your success. In the result, you can suffer serious losses. Besides, don’t deprive your beloved of the display of affection because it can cause a family discord. No matter how busy you are, you must always find some time to devote your attention to the people dear to your heart.

If you have heard their (Eve and Adam’s) conversation in a dream, it is bad luck for both of you. It forebodes the appearance of a sly person in your life. Evidently, he/she will do much harm to your domestic happiness. Do everything not to let this happen if you treasure your relationships.

If a woman is Eve in her dream, it presages the threat of breaking up with her present boyfriend or husband. The reason for it can be his betrayal. Certainly, it will be very hard for you in the beginning to make up your mind to this drastic change in your life. Try to look at this misfortune from another perspective. Isn’t it better to come to know the attitude of your husband/boyfriend to you and his nature as soon as possible?

Also, such a dream can denote that false gossips may be spread about this girl/woman.

To see Eve with the Serpent in your dream signifies that you may be deceived in the nearest future. It will be particularly painful if a deceiver is your friend, relative or a person you know very well. Don’t turn the tables on this mean person; don’t lose your dignity. The only way out is to reconcile yourself to this event and move forward.