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Eye - Meaning of Dream


Eye in the dream, is a symbol of the near future of the dreamer. Therefore, for accurate interpretation of the sleep, the smallest nuances are important: what color was the eye, where there any problems with the eyes, what was a look.

If you dream of black eyes, it means that you are surrounded by vile friends who start various intrigues behind your back, plotting evil against you.

Blue eyes in a dream, portend great love; gray, problems at work, turmoil in the business; brown eyes in a dream, is a symbol of cunning nature and treachery.

For better interpretation you should remember, what the look that a person gave you was in the dream: evil look, says that there is a traitor in your surrounding; to catch a gaze in the dream, it means to generate interest of somebody.

Bright and beautiful eyes in a dream, is a symbol of a great mind. And if you see red eyes in the dream, it means that in real life you are very tired.

If you dream that your eyes are full of tears, then there will be some moments of joy and fun in your life. If you see someone's tear-stained eyes, it is a sign of disappointment and sorrow.

Eyesore in the dream means that you are "short-sighted" and you do not see what's going on around you. Be short-sighted in a dream, means to get into trouble.

If you see slanting or strange eyes in your dream, it is a large monetary gain, and success in business.

Often problems with your eyes in the dream portend evil.

To dream of a person or an animal without eyes, is a bad sign, in the near future you might face a big problem.

If you dream that you don’t have eyes, it means that in real life you can expect the loss of a loved one, or there is a risk of danger for you.

One-eyed man, seen in a dream, means, that you can become a victim of a fraud. If you dream of dizzy eyes, you will repent of your evil deeds. Silly eyes in a dream portend financial loss.

To dream of big and beautiful eyes, is a sign of wealth, success and good luck. To dream of a man with such eyes, means to gain a great love.

If you dream that your beloved one looks at you with those eyes, it means that he loves you and values ​​your relationship. And if in a dream you see a loved one with closed eyes, it means that there is a disorder in your relationships.

If you see a stranger with downcast eyes, it is a sign that in reality someone is experiencing strong sympathy towards you.

Eyes in the dream, is a mysterious and interesting symbol, depending on the situation you see it you can easily interpret your dream.

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