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Eyelashes - Meaning of Dream


Eyelashes are often seen by women in a dream, and carry a symbolic meaning, depending on whether they are natural or fake, dense or thin, long or short, etc.  

If a girl dreams that she has false eyelashes, it means that she wants to look different in real life, and is ready to change herself and her appearance. Such women often have secrets not only from strangers, but from a loved one. If a man dreams that his girlfriend tickles him with her eyelashes, in reality, he pays very little attention to those whom he loves and cherishes.  

Lush, long, natural eyelashes are the symbol of a great and unexpected love, which can appear in the near future. Thin and short eyelashes are the sign of loss and even bankruptcy.

If woman dreams of lush lashes that fall out very quickly, it means that she will be betrayed by her beloved one, it will be unexpected and groundless betrayal.

If you dream of eyelashes that have fantastic length, it means that you will receive unexpected profit, wealth and abundance. Sometimes the money comes quickly and out of nowhere.

Thick, shiny and well-groomed eyelashes mean that you will receive an offer about lucrative business or a happy marriage that will last for many years.

If you dream that your eyelashes fall out, it means that all your wishes and dreams will come true, but it requires some effort.

However, if your eyelashes don’t fall out, but still thin, this dream is a sign of sorrows and tears. Sometimes it can predict the secret dating that may lead to fraud or treachery.

If you don’t have eyelashes, then you have to be ready for treachery and betrayal of a loved one. It can also predict that you will know someone’s secrets, but you will not tell about it to anybody.

Stick together eyelashes that keep you from opening your eyes are the warning that it is necessary to study the character of a loved one, as it will help to build relationships and develop closer connection with each other.

Eyelashes in dreams are often a symbol of a happy family, a successful personal life, protection and luck.

If you had a dream in which you applied makeup on your lashes, it means that in life you will have small and significant problems, which will appear by your fault. This dream also means that you are known and respected, so it is not necessary to change, otherwise it can lead to fatal mistakes.  

If a girl does a bright make-up and thus strongly paints eyelashes, in the future she will face deception and hypocrisy of loved ones, which will be difficult to live with.

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