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Fan - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of a fan, it foretells you the achievement of remarkable success in any endeavor in real life. This applies to both personal and professional spheres. Feel free to go ahead and do not be afraid, and in difficult times your true friends will definitely come to help and support you. A similar dream on Wednesday night predicts that you should be dubious dating and radical changes in your life, alas not for the better. Dreaming of fan on Saturday or Sunday night is a warning: your enemies will try to pull you into some kind of adventure that could end up badly. Turned on fan predicts unexpected situations and meetings. If you inadvertently break a fan - be careful, there is a provocateur in your surroundings.

In a dream you feel cold from a mechanical fan and you are glad, it means that in reality you can fully enjoy your planned vacation.

If you dream that your mechanical fan is broken - then in real life, you will experience a deep disappointment.

If you get injured with a wing of fan propeller, it means that you didn’t take sufficient measures to save your money.

If fan works, it represents your sexual energy. A broken fan - indicates that you have decreased sexual appetite; you just cooled down to your partner.

If you see a fan in a dream - in reality your friends will support and help you to implement your plans. But if you see this dream at night from Tuesday to Wednesday - it means that you will have changes in personal life and questionable acquaintance.

If you had a dream on Saturday about buying a fan, this means that someone wants to take advantage of your kindness. The dream from Monday to Tuesday or Friday to Saturday, in which you use the fan, foretells that you will soon find yourself in a difficult situation. If you dream from Thursday to Friday, that you break the fan, it warns you to bemore careful when choosing friends.