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Fat - Meaning of Dream

If you were dreaming about a frying pan with fat, it portends a meeting with a new boyfriend, who will be nice and gallant, so do not reject the attention of new friends, because you can spend good time together.

If you had a dream about butter, it is an omen of dreams and desires fulfillment. If you buy fat, it promises profits; but if you get dirty with fat, you will be successful in love and will have a happy wedding.

If you dream of cooking oil, it signifies your strong financial position and provides a calm and measured life, the main thing is that you shouldn’t be engaged in various projects and intrigues, thus you will be able to live in abundance.

If you cook something with fat, you might experience the increase in financial state, and it should happen very quickly and easily.

Fat spread on bread states that in reality you may become the subject of gossip; but if you spread fat over the head, then you will experience the glory and honor.

If in a dream you eat fat food, in reality you will make a good deal that will guarantee a wealthy life for several years.

If you dream of many people eating fat, it's a harbinger of upcoming wedding; but if it was not enough for everybody, the wedding will be delayed and some bad talks will ruin the groom’s reputation.

If the dreamer eats fat, then in reality he/she will have to deal with an extremely wealthy person, and if everything goes well, the mutual cooperation will bring a lot of money, so the dreamer should not ignore such a partnership, even if this companion is not very nice.

If you dream of the fat sold in the market, it tells that you need explanatory assistance; and if you bought some then soon you will get this assistance.

If you eat fat with spoons, it forebodes financial difficulties that will haunt you for some time, and the problems won’t be solved without your friend’s help.

Reflecting on the meaning of the fat in a dream, you should pay attention to its color. If it was green, then you can go to the casino and try your luck, because this symbol promises big win; the lottery ticket will also be the winner. Red fat says that soon you will be forced to work hard in order to earn for a living.

Yellow fat portends profitable alliance that will bring the dreamer a lot of money, so do not think for a long time, it is advisable to accept the offer and sign the papers. If you dream of creamery, it tells that your dreams will soon come true.

Dissolving grease indicates that a dreamer is not fair to people who love him/her, and if he/she continues to mock them, and they will soon seek for revenge.

If in a dream a person is too fat, it signifies of the necessity to visit a doctor, because he/she risks being sick with a serious illness.