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Fault / Guilt - Meaning of Dream

A sense of guilt which you experience in a dream together with realizing of the upcoming redemption, in real life your environment is loyal and devoted, and friends can help in any case. Except friends support, you will also be very lucky. If the state of your affairs is difficult now, then it will get better, your adventurous nature will help you to bear fruits quickly.

If a guilty person admits own fault and is ready to atone, foretells you own humiliation or abasement of friends at your whim. To avoid this situation you should complete all the work and pay off debts as fast as possible. For a girl this dream foretells that most likely her hopes will not come true.

If someone point out your mistakes but you know that you are not guilty, it bodes that in reality you will show courage in actions, or will take someone’s property for your own.

If you’ve been guilty and then justified, it says that you don‘t like your present status, but it also foretells the imminent improvement.

To feel guilt in the dream means that something important will happen in your life and everybody will start respecting you.

In a dream you feel guilt, because you can’t help anybody, it means that any achieved experience develops you comprehensively; therefore it can be neither positive nor negative.

To feel own fault means that in real life you will be bothered by anxiety and feeling of insecurity, uncertainty in own strength.