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Fern - Meaning of Dream


Fern in the modern dream book. Fern in a dream foretells trouble and sad foreboding that will make you forget the joy of happy days. Withered or dried up fern leaves in a dream, warn that illness of loved ones will make you worry a lot.

Fern in the dream book of Miller. I you see fern in your dream, be ready that your serene and cheerful days will be overshadowed by dreary and dark forebodings. Withered fern leaves predicting disease of close people the influence of which you'll experience on your own health.

Fern in Freud's dream book. Fern, which appeared in a dream, is a harbinger of your sufferings and worries. You think that your intimate life is boring and nothing new happens in it. The gray days have replaced your happy sexual life, overwhelming with monotony of emotions and actions. You think that sex doesn’t bring you satisfaction anymore, but the passion has not disappeared anywhere, it just became everyday routine. Most likely, you are impulsive and lively person, so you are depress by thoughts that steady relationship may bring some charm or joy. Remember: you'll be able to bring back the bright colors into old feeling, you just need to try.

The plant has a lot of healthy, green and large leaves, predicts pleasant chores and care that will bring satisfaction and enhance the material level.

If you dreamed of shrub, which stands next to the house, and it has a lot of foliage, in the near future you will experience unexpected wealth and happiness, and will acquire essential knowledge and skills.

If you see a poisonous plant that can hurt you, such a dream is a symbol of the trap, which is prepared by detractors and enemies, so you must be very careful not to be caught into it. And if you dream of a useful plant, it means that there will be a meeting with good friends, possible joint vacation that will be remembered for a long time.

If you dream of a house surrounded by a lot of fern, it means that someone is using you pretending to be your friend, and maybe even take out your energy. If you dreamed of plants, it is important to pay attention to it condition, as it also symbolizes life. Lush and blooming, indicate happiness and well-being; and fading or damaged, is a sign of the problems in personal life or different diseases.

If you dreamed of a green lawn with ferns, it means that your expectations and hopes will come true, but not very soon. Particular attention should be paid to sleep, in which there are medicinal plants. This means that you have some friends which give you energy and positive emotions, and can help in any situation.

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